Monday, May 23, 2011

9 Days...

So, as I am sitting at church Sunday night, we sang this song right before we left and it really captured the idea of what we are getting ready to do in 9 days (the word "song" has a link on it if you want to listen to it! :) )

In 9 days, I will be leaving with a team of 9 others to live in Khon Kaen, Thailand for 7 weeks! As many of you know, this is an opportunity presented by Campus Outreach Lexington. We will be working with the Campus Outreach Thailand staff on Northeastern University's campus.

I wanted to make a blog to share with those that have been on this journey with me from the beginning by helping me raise support, pray for me or even just ask question about our trip. This will be a way for me to be able to communicate with you all about what God is doing in Thailand as well as the funny/cool/adventurous stories we may have along the way.

I hope you all enjoy! :)

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