Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Laughter is good for the soul

What a great couple of days it has been! We have gotten to spend so much time with the Campus Outreach students and their friends. Tuesday night Sano invited Stephanie and I over to her house to have dinner and play games. Some of the CCP boys and the Thai friends they have made came over as well. We had so much fun eating and playing UNO.

Wednesday morning was actually our first real day on campus. Tuesday- Friday each week we will be going on campus from 11:30-2ish and basically just walking up to students and trying to get to know them. It may sounds like it is awkward (and sometimes it is) but it is actually very fun and gets me out of my comfort zone.

Ice, one of the Christian girls, and I walked up to a gazebo full of girls today and just started asking them questions like "what is your name", "where are you from", "how old are you", etc. From the beginning of the trip, our team has been learning how to say some common phrases in Thai. It has been very challenging because the Thai language is very complex, but it is very funny when we try to say something and it comes out completely wrong! We have definitely learned to laugh at ourselves.

On a funny side note, we have the luxury of not having to do our own laundry :) It's great! Today was the first time I took my laundry to get done. The lady that does it will wash our clothes, hang them dry and iron everything. I mean EVERYTHING (my underwear was even ironed!!!!!!!!!!!!) ha ha I think that is something I could definitely use back in the states (what do you think mom?? Want to help me with that?)

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