Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Without God we can't. Without us God won't

Monday night (June 6th), one of the staff girls Sano invited Stephanie and I (the three of us are a ministry team) to go to dinner with her discipleship group. There are 5 girls that she is discipling (Ice, Kade, Am, Josh and Noon). Kade was still at home, so she was not able to join us, but we went out to dinner to this really cool place. We rode motorcycles (they are more like motor scooters, its the main form of transportation) to the restaurant. When we got there, it was kind of like a buffet of raw meat that you could pick from, and you took it back to your table and cooked it on something thatlooked like a table grill. (Below is Sano and the grill we cooked on)

After dinner, she took us back to the Campus Outreach student center with all the girls and we got to share our testimonies with each other. I have to say that hearing the girls talk about the work that God has done in their lives made it really real that I was not here just to see Thailand or to get to know Thai students. My purpose here was to show these lost Thai people where they can find True Joy and Peace. While it was very difficult to understand them (if they were speaking english) I was so thankful that Sano was able to translate for us. Also, while I was sharing my testimony, it was definitely a challenge to talk slow and pause so Sano could translate for the girls who didn't understand english very well.

One cool thing that all the girls had in common was they were all affected by a CCP student who had spent time with them and loved on them. This was so encouraging to Stephanie and I. Even though we may not be in Thailand to see God transform their lives, I know that God will use us to plant seeds and share love with them. So, over all, it was a great and encouraging night! I hope there are many more to come!!! :)

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  1. Great update! We love you and continue to pray for you and your team.